Engelwurz Angelika Root Ätherisches Öl

Engelwurz Angelika Root Ätherisches Öl

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Engelwurz 100 % naturreines ätherisches Öl der Heilpflanze Angelica Archangelica, auch genannt Angelikawurzel.

Hochwertiges naturreines ätherisches Öl für alle Anwendungen

in Seife, Kosmetik und Haushaltsprodukten, Raumbeduftung, Inhalat usw….

Bitte vorsichtig anwenden, nicht unverdünnt auf die Haut geben, kann reizen.

Our organically crafted Angelica Root Essential Oil is steam distilled from the roots of the flowering Angelica archangelica biennial plant thoughtfully cultivated in France. Also referred to as Garden Angelica, Wild Celery or Norwegian Angelica, this essential oil has a has a very fine, delicate, rich earthy, green-herbaceous, extremely tenacious aroma with peppery top notes and clean spicy, musky back notes.

Often placed by early herbalists at the forefront of medicinal plants, Angelica is at once gently stimulating and simultaneously sedating. Its relaxant effect renders it as potent as Ginger in supporting digestion. Angelica was traditionally used, especially in Chinese medicine, as a natural restorative for its ability to soothe menopausal symptoms and negative moods as well as for its skin enhancing properties.

In ancient times, Angelica archangelica was believed to ward off evil spirits, and was used at pagan festivals. Its later association with angels, in its botanical name and in many European languages, is thought to derive from the fact that it came into flower on or around 8 May, the feast day of St Micheal the Archangel.


Angelica Root Essential Oil is revered for its aroma within fine fragrancing, natural perfumery and beauty/personal care applications. The aroma has a remarkable depth, persistence and diffusiveness, making it widely used as base note and can help to act as a natural fixative. Along with its use in natural perfumery, Angelica Root Essential Oil is also helpful in managing pain and inflammation, muscle spasms, and unwanted bacterial, fungal, or viral activity. Angelica Root Oil can also assist in the revitalization of dull, congested skin by encouraging healthy microbial balance. This versatile oil also supports detoxification processes, and is employed for its supportive effect on respiratory function.

Emotionally and energetically, Angelica Root Oil is warming and inspiring. This essential oil is incredibly uplifting and can help promote balance and calm, especially during times of situational anxiety and depression. With its deep, grounding aroma, Angelica Root Essential Oil is also a great choice for supporting deep, restful sleep. This essential oil is also said to possess aphrodisiac properties and can be used to inspire sensual moods.



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